Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pumpkin Patch

Last weekend, we made our annual trip to our good friends' pumpkin patch at Hickory Creek Farms. It's a little drive, but it's worth it to support or friends, the Zimmermans.

We have been a few years now, so Max knew the first stop was a photo in the pumpkins. I just love a sweet pic of my two together more than anything in the world.

The kids wanted to play in the "corn pool" for awhile, and I have to admit, I do love the feeling too! So fun.

We got to the farm right as it opened, so it wasn't too busy yet. The kids got the train to themselves for a round, and got an extra long trip. They LOVED it.

We then walked out, past the pumpkin field, to the corn maze. Max found two (of five) hidden pens through the maze. We were in the maze for about 30 minutes, but cheated and came out the entrance because we wanted to make it to the hay ride. Really, corn mazes are only fun for the first 15 minutes, and then it's like, "Get me out of this corn."

We did not make it back for the hay ride, so we walked around and took some pictures, and played in the kid area.

Next was the races! They have duck, rooster, and pig races, and the kids LOVED watching those. It was pretty cute.

Finally we made it on to the hay ride, and although I was terrified Caroline was going to fall off the edge, it was really nice.

When we came back, we saw some more friends from church, so we chatted with them while the kids did the train and corn again.

We let the kids pick out some tiny pumpkins/gourds and then stopped by Mater's cousin for one more picture and then headed home. It was a good day. :)

Carving Pumpkins

I love this time of year, and creating family traditions. The kids are getting old enough to remember these moments, and to join in on some of the activities. It's just so much fun!

One of our favorite fall traditions is carving pumpkins. We did it about a week earlier than normal, so our pumpkins are already rotted, but it was still fun. We laid out the plastic and lined up our tools (we have a lot! Next year, we just need to have a carving party and invite some friends over). The kids were SUPER excited to begin. They could barely stand it.

I cut off the tops and they had fun pulling out guts and separating seeds. Caroline knew that we were saving seeds to eat, but she didn't really get the whole "baking" part and kept sneaking raw seeds. Ha! She said, "Mmm!" but I can't imagine that it tasted good.

After awhile, the kids were over the guts, and got wrapped up in a movie, so Mommy and Daddy got to do all the carving. They did keep stealing some of the tools and trying to cut Daddy's pumpkin while he wasn't looking. Sneaky kiddos.

From left to right: Caroline, Max, Heather, Walter
The one thing I wish I would have done different, is let the kids draw a jack-o-lantern face on their pumpkin, and then cut out their faces. I think that would have been super cute!

Pitt State Homecoming

Pittsburg State University's homecoming was a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, we did not make it out to the game, but we did catch the parade. The weather was overcast, chilly, and kind of/almost rainy, but we had fun anyway. The kids were excited to get cups of hot cocoa, and Mama enjoyed her coffee. :) 

The parade was okay - it was the same day as the Girard Fall Festival, so I was bummed to miss that. We were stationed toward the end of the parade, so most of the candy was gone by the time they reached us (although, we really don't need it!) and we were next to an older lady that was grabbing a lot of it, which I thought was interesting. I always think parades are going to be more fun than they really are. The kids enjoyed it though.

I love how Caroline is watching Max.

Stealing candy from babies! Kidding. Mostly.

Spitty rain on my camera.

Flag Football 2014

We signed Max up for flag football quite awhile ago. And wouldn't you know that he had to miss half the season (and pictures) because he got mono the week of his first game. Story of my life, I'm telling you.

But he finally got better and cleared for sports, so he was able to make the second half of the "season." I think missing the first half was hard on him, because that first game, he was so timid and unsure, while the other kids had been playing for three weeks, so they knew what to do. It was odd, to see him off his game. We are so used to watching him be quick to learn and he is just naturally athletic. But it was good for us all, to have him struggle a little, I think. There's a lesson in there somewhere. ;)

But by the last game or so, he was finding his groove, and it is so much fun to watch. He did pretty good at quarterback, running the ball, and chasing flags. He does not do so well on offensive line. He, of course, loved every minute. We are ready for next season already!


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