Wednesday, October 8, 2014

September in Instagram

I made this pretend makeup for Caroline because she is obsessed with mine.

Uncle Roland reading Caroline a "bedtime" story. She passed out on his lap.

Spying on my family. <3 br="">

Max and Gus made the USD 250 and PSU Twitter pages.

Our office reclaimed our Paint the Town Red Champion title. Our theme was "Tradition Lives Here"

Silly girl. So beautiful.

Caroline's amazing birthday cake. Labor of love by both her grandmas.

Happy 3rd birthday, sweet girl.

Silly Max!

"Is this one of Grandma's pills?" Grandma Sharon pays the kids $1 if they find any of her pills on the floor, so a little kid doesn't find it first and put in their mouth. (It was just candy.)

Daddy brought home some pom-poms for Caroline and she snuck away to put on her new cheerleading outfit.

She's such a sass-a-frass! I love it!

We got to watch Ayden play in a softball tournament.

Ice cream for Daddy's birthday.

I actually sewed a pair of pants. Pretty impressed with myself.

He looks SO big walking into school. :(

Baby's first selfie - that's a category in the baby book, right?

My boys. <3 br="">

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Parent Teacher Conference

We went to our first Parent Teacher Conference last night with Max. While Max and Caroline played on I Pads, Walter and I sat down with Miss Clarkson to talk about our boy. I was nervous.

The first thing Miss Clarkson did was show us how Max writes, showing us various papers he had done, going over letters, numbers, and his name. He actually writes very well, (a few more backwards letters than I expected, considering I've seen him write letters correctly on several occasions) and she was especially impressed with how he wrote his name - only the first letter upper case, with the rest lowercase.

Next, she went through a couple test results with us. I can't believe they are testing already, but I guess they need to see where the students are at, and see where they need extra help. Max scored "average" on reading, but he was right at the line. He is above the line, so he will not be pulled out for "tier support" which is where they pull the kids that are under the line. I guess this is probably so the kids who are above average don't get bored. For math, Max scored above average on almost every category, which honestly surprised me. I had no idea he liked it so much! His teacher was impressed with him, and he is only one of six kids that don't get pulled for "tier support."

Miss Clarkson then told us some great positive things about Max (positives before negatives, I guess ha!). She said he was good at listening and very helpful to her. He is "always the first to notice if she needs help and offers it without being bossy." LOL She also told us that he is calm and friendly - one story - he got a new lunch box over the weekend, and it is the same one another student has. The other student thought Max had his lunch box, and was kind of getting worked up about it and Max calmly explained the situation and "problem solved" and she was impressed with how he handled it. It is really nice to hear such good things about your kid!

He's five, so of course he has plenty of areas of improvement. The ones she talked about was that he has trouble sitting in his seat, on his bottom, without getting up on his knees, etc. And he has trouble not shouting out answers, instead of waiting to be called on or letting another child answer. And that's really all she said. I asked if he was ever mean, or played too rough (because those were the issues I got talked to about at the Center) and she said never.

In all, I am SO proud of him. He really is my child. I love that kid.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


This is another one of those blogs I'm kind of behind on. This was the week of Caroline's birthday. Monday, I was crazy busy getting ready for an event, when Max's school called telling me Max came in crying because his stomach hurt, and he had a fever. In a panic, I called Walter to come get him, picked up Max, and brought him to work with me until Daddy could get him. So stressful. Besides his fever, he looked okay, though. Walter managed to get him into the "Kid Care" bus that rotates between schools. His strep test came out negative, and he was diagnosed with allergies, much to my personal annoyance.

Tuesday Max still had a fever, so Walter stayed home with him.

Wednesday, we debated about keeping him, but he honestly seemed fine. Right before lunch, school calls and said the same thing - crying about stomach pain and fever, so I was out again. We managed to squeeze in an appointment with his regular doctor. His stomach hurt, but he said it was a pain hurt, not sick hurt, which really started to concern me.

I told the doctor I was frustrated, because his fever would not go away, so he couldn't go to school, but I didn't know what to do, and she talked me down. She did another strep test (he complained about sore throat) where she gagged him enough to make him throw up, poor guy. She also wanted to check his blood, so they pricked his finger, which he really, really hated. (I joked to our nurse that she got to torture both my kids, because we had just did the traumatic blood draw from Caroline the day before). Results came back: strep test was negative, mono was positive. We had to ride out the fever, so he could not go back to school until Monday. The worse news was that his liver/spleen were enlarged, so he could not do sports (first football game was that weekend) or PE for a month. He could only walk. The concern is rupturing these enlarged organs so that was really scary.

The following Monday, Max had an ultrasound to check the size of his organs. We arrived early, and were the first appointments of the day. Max was nervous, but he is always so brave. (At his doctor appointment, he was so brave and did what was asked when she swabbed his throat/did the finger prick, and held it together until the doctor left both times.) The tech even printed out a picture of his left kidney for him. LOL

We just got results yesterday that everything looks good, so he can actually return to normal activity, thank goodness! Recess and PE were pretty torturous for our active guy.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy birthday, Caroline

In true, second child fashion, I'm writing this post eight days late. I'm sorry sweetheart, I don't love you any less, it's just harder to keep up with you, my sweet energizer bunny. Not to mention the fact that you don't ever sleep, so I have no free time to write about you. (More on that later.)

So here we are, one full week and one day into three years old. (Ironically, it was one full week and one day when we finally got to take you home from the hospital, so I guess it's fitting.) Three is a lot like two, with a little more sass thrown in for good measure. I've told anyone who would listen that three is worse than two, because I felt blindsided by that little "terrible two's" thing. You are proving me right, and I forgive you for it. Because my sassy princess is hilarious, and tough, and knows what she wants. I can't fault a girl for that. She reminds me of someone...

As much as I like to complain about how Caroline is my "difficult" one, I honestly would not have it any one way. I just am so freaking proud of her. She is so ornery and destructive, but so, so sweet and cuddly, too. It's like those sour patch kid candy commercials. She is JUST LIKE THAT.

I really love to just watch her. Caroline is so girly, and loves skirts, heels, purses, makeup, and that is so amazing how into it she is, because I am not really like that, nor have I really ever been. I wouldn't be surprised if she bled glitter pink. She can hold her own with a sword, though, so the boys better watch out.

I still feel as though Caroline is this tiny little thing, and maybe she is, but at her checkup (I never did get her official measurements- I should check that at home) the doctor said she was smack in the middle of the charts. She also speaks amazingly well for her age. She meets or exceeds every other developmental milestone on the "checklist." She's just awesome.

One thing I brought up at her checkup was the fact that since late January (and really even before then) we have had issues with Caroline not wanting to go to bed. I can't remember if I talked about it here before or not. Basically, she just refused to stay in bed, would play and run around until 10 or 11 every single night. Even the two weeks of swimming lessons every night did nothing to wear her out. I thought it was the new house, but soon realized this was not just a phase. I finally brought it up at her appointment and explained to Dr. Mijares that we have tried everything under the sun. She wanted to run a couple tests, so we had the lovely experience of drawing her blood. Dr. Mijares told me they would do a finger prick, so I tried to quickly explain the process to Caroline to prepare her. Imagine both our surprise when they take us back to the lab and they want to do a full blood draw! I had to lay on the table with Caroline, throw my leg over her legs, and hold her left arm, while two nurses held her right arm outstretched. She just whimpered, then cried out as the needle went in, all the while staring at it right in front of her face. They filled two viles, the entire time Caroline cried and said, "ouchie!" It was soo sad. Fast forward to yesterday, and the nurse called me with results. Caroline's iron levels are extremely low (whatever number should be 50, and it's at 14), basically causing restless leg syndrome. Hopefully the iron supplements she prescribed will help Caroline (and Mommy and Daddy) get some much needed rest!

Anyway, all that to say, our girl is great, besides this pesky sleep issue. Three is a little scary to think about, but I'm excited about it anyway, because I can't even imagine how this girl is going to grown and change over the year, and I'm so amazingly blessed to be her mom. She deserves so much more. I hope you had the best birthday, Caroline.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Caroline's 3rd birthday party

Last weekend we celebrated Caroline's third birthday. Her actual birthday was on Monday, and the Pitt State home opener was Saturday, so we planned her party for Sunday afternoon between church and Awana. Whew. Well, circumstances happened, we didn't make it to the game, but we had plenty of time to clean up and get ready, so it was fine. We also decided to host the party at our home instead of finding a place, so it was stressful, but so great! All our family in our home together was awesome. We need more chairs.

I skipped church to finish getting the house ready. Walter's parents came over early so Jackie could finish Caroline's cake. Caroline's only request was pink and white, so we found this cool ombre layer cake. Caroline was mesmerized with it.

Shortly before the party, we put on Caroline's party dress and she just twirled and twirled and twirled, and did plenty of posing for pictures. She was SO. Excited.

I asked Mom if she could dig through her scrapbook paper and put together a little pennant for the top of the cake, and I found some cute paper straws at the store. It turned out so sweet. Pinterest for the win.

Once everyone had arrived, I let the boys keep the game on the tv, but on mute, and we gathered around to watch Caroline open her gifts. This was her shining moment. She was so ready. I let her pick them out one at a time, open them, and then thank the gift givers. She got lots of cute clothes, some fun toys, and even some cash. She is very loved and spoiled.

After presents was cake time. We spent a good amount of time on photo opportunities. :)

Finally, we lit the candles and sang "Happy birthday" to our girl. She was too sweet, and sitting on the counter, with at least 25 people gathered around, and sang along with us. I was dying. It was so precious. I'm so mad that we didn't record it. She did kind of stop when we got to the "...dear Caroline..." part. And then she blew out the candles like a pro.

Ombre layers!

She loved the dress up items we got her. My girly girl.

After the party, the crowd dispersed and Walter and Max were at Awana. My sister and I took the kiddos to Chili's for dinner, and Caroline was pretty wired and misbehaving. I had just noticed it seemed quiet, and Dawn pointed out Caroline. She had fallen asleep, sitting up, clutching her fork. So hilarious.


It was a very good day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August in Instagram

Reunited with my kids after my trip to Chicago, and their week-long stay with Grandma! I missed them so much!

A lady always needs her purse while shopping.

Watching Uncle Richard play in his alumni football game. #55

"Mom, are you taking a picture of us five dogs?"

Just enrolled my baby in Kindergarten.

Barely squeaked in under the deadline, but we voted.

Silly goose.

A strong storm knocked down a large branch across our drive way. What  a way to start the day!

Trying anything we can think of to get Caroline to go to sleep.

A rare moment of the two playing nicely together.

Sunday selfie.

Sleeping beauty.


A project I've wanted to do for awhile finally got done. Shadowbox containing wedding mementos- table runner, ribbon, napkins, invitation, and cake topper.

Aunt Meme gave Caroline a pink hair extension. She looked so cute.

Caroline asleep... on my bedroom floor. This girl!

Saturday morning cartoons.

Showing off her Jamberry manicure. They were SOO cute, but the little stinker had pulled most of them off in an hour.


So tickled to wear earrings like Mommy.

Doesn't everyone sleep in last year's party dress?


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