Friday, August 15, 2014

First day of Kindergarten

Today was Max's first day of Kindergarten. We've been looking forward to this day for awhile. We got up early to get everyone ready, I packed Max a lunch (!), and of course we had to take pictures. Max chose the tree for his backdrop. (And can I just say how clueless I feel about all this? Everything about his school is the opposite of mine. I rode the bus, ate hot lunch, etc. He gets dropped off, stays for after school program, packs a lunch.)

Of course Caroline wanted her picture in front of the tree too. ;)

We dropped Caroline off at daycare and she gave her Bubba the sweetest hug. Walter and I took Max for a fun, first-day donut breakfast to celebrate the occasion.

We got to his school and Max walked in like such a big boy. We got to cross the street with the crossing guard and everything.

Once inside, we had to wait a few minutes in the cafeteria until the teachers were ready, so of course we took the opportunity for some more pictures.

We made it in and Max's teacher, Miss Clarkson, greeted us.

Max put away his backpack and lunch box in his cubby and sat down at his table. Walter and I each spoke with him and hugged him and then we left our big boy there, for his first day.

Max's buddy, Wyatt, from church is in his class! His mom sent me this picture.

Nobody cried! Although, I did get a little choked up for a minute on the way to work. Luckily work was way too busy for me to think about it much.  Max had a half day for this first day and all next week. I took my lunch and picked him up. All the parents stood outside the front door and waited for our big kindergarteners. It was so sweet to watch Max come out, searching for a familiar face, see me and start grinning.

I can't believe this big kid, was once this little guy. Wow.

Getting ready for school.

This was a busy week for us. We had something going on almost every night.

Tuesday night was the Meadowlark Family Swim Night at the aquatic center. The temps were in the 80's, so personally there was no way I was getting in that cold water. The kids had a great time though.

Wednesday night was Max's Eagle Class ("kindergarten summer prep class") program. They kids sang a song about going to Kindergarten, we watched a slide show of pictures from the class, and they picked up some stuff they made through the year. It was sweet.

Thursday night was Max's school Open House night, where the kids get to drop off their school supplies, find their classrooms, and meet the teachers. Max acted pretty quiet and nervous in the class, but I think he's excited. Caroline is kind of jealous of all the attention Max is getting.

To Grandmother's House They Go

While I was in Chicago, Grandma Jackie came to Kansas with Audra and Ayden. They spent a couple days with the kids and Walter, and went swimming at our aquatic center and took Caroline to her gymnastics class. On Monday, they drove back to Tulsa, taking the kids with them. The plan was to keep them for the week, which gives Mommy and Daddy a much needed break (and a week of not paying for daycare. Hallelujah!) Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to the zoo one day, and they spent the whole week having fun. (I stole these pictures from Audra's Instagram).



Before I left, I downloaded Skype on my phone, so I could "Face Time" with the kids while I was away. Walter couldn't get it to work, so I had to wait until Sunday to "see" the kids, but it was fun to see them while I talked for the whole week. They kids thought it was neat, but they grew bored of looking at me. :)  I did NOT get bored watching them.


Friday, August 1, 2014

Love getting pictures from daycare

Caroline's daycare teacher sent me these last week. It usually makes my entire day.

July in Instagram

Finally getting to shoot off some fireworks on July 2nd! Max was so ready. Caroline not so much. Notice her hiding behind the wall in the bottom right picture.

This typo on my weather app made me laugh.

Wearing Bubba's Puggles shirt, that was a little big on him when she was BORN.

Dress up, silly kids.

We spent one evening last weekend at the pool.

Dance party!

Avoiding sleep, yet again. This was at 10:30pm at least.

My beautiful, sassy little girl.

Rawr! She could not WAIT for me to get home and then growled at me for awhile.

Throwback Thursday photo I dug up! Ha!


Someone needs new socks

He has a handful of freckles on the left side of his nose that I have become obsessed with!
"Hi!" from Chicago!

Found this when I got home. They are still there. Love.

I love stats. These are from Words with Friends game.

Weekend of a lifetime.

I don't even really know where to begin with my trip. It seems like there is so much to say. Not only did we have a full itinerary of stuff to do, we had to cram six years worth of memory-making into two and a half days.  It was madness, wonderful madness. The entire week before I left, I felt these giddy, child-like nerves of excitement. My time in Chicago was amazing. These women that I have never "met" - well, there wasn't one ounce of awkwardness. It honestly felt like we see each other every weekend. I can't even say how much I appreciate my family for letting this happen for me. I am overflowing with love. I can honestly say this trip was one of the top five moments of my life. Today, I'm homesick for my online family. I don't know when I will get to do this again. There are talks of annual trips, and I pray that I can make this happen as often as possible. I know this wasn't my last time, because I will make it happen. I'm still floating. 

Here are some random favorite photos, which were impossible to narrow down, and are in no order whatsoever, some stolen from the other Mamas.

Lake Michigan

Navy Pier group photo

The gang started before we made it.


What I felt like all weekend. <3 br="">

Jello syringes. Too much fun.

Playing at the iconic bean statue.

Statue fun.

Sparrow face is the new duck face... or so I'm told

Our Washington mama.



We missed the mamas that couldn't make it.

So many selfies happened.

"We're on a boat!" My biggest regret was not getting on that boat.

I will never forget this night.

Mimosas to say goodbye. Everybody drinks in the shower, right?

Train shenanigans.
Group shot

We met on the internet. What else would you expect?

My final goal is to gather all the photos, weed out the duplicates and print out a Shutterfly book with as many photos and memories as I can get in there. I have a feeling it will be pulled out and reminisced over quite a lot.


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