Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Well, last week we had another "first" for Max - first phone call from the Principal. *sigh*

We have been working on Max "keeping your hands to yourself" no matter what. He gets worked up, and it could be just playing or from frustration, but he is struggling a bit. He got in some trouble at day camp a few weeks ago, but it was from just the boys amping each other and they were kind of wrestling.

Fast forward to last Friday. I picked up Max and asked him what color star he got. (Each day, they are awarded a color of star that reflects their behavior of the day - Green, Yellow, or Red. He often gets a good mix of green and yellow, only once getting a red.) He has been trying to get five green stars in a row for an award at home. Friday he told me he got a red. This is a serious offense, so I asked him what happened. He told me that a kid pulled back his hand to threaten to punch him, so he picked up the kid and slammed him on the ground. I was shocked!

I reiterated that he is not to touch anyone for any reason, and I know we've gone over and over that. We talked about his punishment and then he was in his room until Daddy got home from work.

While I was at home, Max's principal called me to talk about it. I was pretty surprised that she called me, but I told her that Max told me what happened, and that we were dealing with it, and I realized it was serious.

I mean, secretly, I was a tiny bit proud that he stood up for himself, but also, so embarrassed. Who's kid body slams another kid at school?!?! Jeesh...

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Report Card

Max came home from school last Friday with his first ever report card. Eek!

I ran into a mom friend at the Center picking up Caroline. Our boys were in daycare together forever, but go to different Elementary schools. She asked if we got cards, because they did, so you can bet that was the first thing I did back in the car, was go digging through his backpack.

Found it! Max got all S's (Meets expectations, the highest possible) except in one area he got I (Improving) in "Is quiet in class during instructure." He likes to shout out the answer without being called on, and always wants to be the one to answer. Oops.

Miss Clarkson also left some very nice comments about Max, which is always appreciated. I'm so proud of my guy, and I just hope he continues to thrive in school.

On a similar note, I thought I would make a note that recently, Max has decided he wants to be a "worker" after watching some road work going on in town. I kind of asked him about what he wanted to do, and he talked a lot about building buildings, so we talked a little about Construction, an area this higher-ed Mama can get behind. ;) He said the boss will tell him what to build and draw a picture, and then he will do it. That, and he also wants to drive a trash truck, so you know...

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

December in Instagram

Lots of Instagram this month!

We started the month out with new Advent calendars! (We did not do good remembering them every day though).

Harold's Life van came to Max's school! I remember him fondly from when I was a kid.

My poor Christmas bird fell victim to Caroline, approx 15 minutes after I pulled him out. :(


A rare moment of sibling love - melts my heart.

First gymnastics competition - love this little girl!

My big birthday boy!!

My little gymnast. She is so beautiful.

Reindeer cuties!

New chalkboard - I'm obsessed with it!

Another semester completed! Slowly but surely.

My hearts.

The City of Pittsburg got new lights down Broadway. Pretty, but not the same.

Tiny bed thief.

Our "Two-weeks-of-vacation excited faces!"

So fun to do a daily countdown!

Little girl had to do a blood draw to check iron levels. She hated it, but the good news is, her numbers are perfect! No more medicine.

My little Elsa. So happy with her early Christmas presents.

Gas prices in Tulsa. Such sweet relief!!

Max wore these for three days straight. Literally.

Caught the beginning of the Walking Dead marathon on my day off. I can be productive during commercial breaks, right?
My day off project - new coasters!

No wild party, but I'm still ready for the New Year!

Goodbye 2014

We spent the last night of 2014 at home, just the four of us. It was pretty low-key, but I did grab some fun New Year's Eve party supplies. :)

Max crashed at 9:15, but Caroline lasted longer than anyone. I was getting pretty tired by 11. She just kept jumping on her trampoline and would not stop moving for a second.

Finally, it was 11:58, and we were scrambling to find a channel that was showing a countdown. We counted down, much to Caroline's confusion. Walter and I smooched, then I tried to get a kiss from Caroline, but she really thought I was trying to pull something over on her. We had some party poppers and streamers that we tossed, and then I went to bed.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


We had too much fun taking "action shots" of the kiddos jumping off the couch. They thought it was hilarious and I did too.

Christmas Break in Tulsa

We spent the rest of the weekend in Tulsa, just hanging out. Friday, we did some clearance shopping at Walmart, and spent the whole day working on our "Christmas Vacation" puzzle. It took all day, and many hands, but we finally made it!

Friday, it was over 60 degrees, so you can imagine our shock when we woke up to snow on Saturday morning! The kids were over the moon excited to play in it, though. Mommy was fine looking at it from inside.

Grandma and the kids made a couple pies (chocolate and lemon!), and Caroline made a little mess.. but that's pretty much par for the course with that one.

Saturday night, we drove into Town to get some pizza (and get out of the house!) and drove around looking at Christmas lights. We found a Griswold-wannabe, a two-story snowman, and more.

Later that night, the kids were finally playing together without fighting in the bedroom. We went to check on them and found this:

Sunday morning was more family time, and them we had to make the drive back. It was a great trip, but it's always nice to be back home. I'm ready for the second half of my vacation! This time, with some kid-free time, which is much needed.


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