Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Art Project

We arrived at Grandma's house to discover a newly painted bathroom, that felt a little empty. Grandma was thinking of art ideas to put on the wall, and she came up with the idea of all three grandkids painting her a picture that she could frame and hang up. They turned out really cute, and I'm pretty jealous, actually!

Easter Weekend

We spent the weekend in Tulsa to celebrate Easter with our Oklahoma family. Saturday we got up early(ish) and headed south. Poor Caroline was sick on Thursday, but fine on Friday, so we were surprised when she got sick a few times on the drive down. By the time we got to Grandma and Grandpa's house, she was feeling better though.

Saturday afternoon, the kids had fun dying eggs. This is one activity that always sounds more fun than it is. You have to be SO patient and wait five minutes in between eggs. Poor kids! :)

Saturday night, Grandpa had to work. The rest of us went to dinner, and then we watched an Easter play at Grandma Mary's church. 

The kids and I have way too much fun taking silly pics.

I was obsessed with this tree at the restaurant. I want one!
Some funny moments from that night:

During the Palm leaf scene of the play, Max said, "I know this part!" (From last week's Sunday School lesson."

Every time the lights would go down, Caroline would ask, "Where is Grandma Mary?!"

After the crucifixion scene, Grandma said, "Jesus died on the cross." Caroline replied, "The chicken died on the cross!" To which, Grandma and I almost lost it, laughing inappropriately during a serious, quiet moment. (Earlier in the day, Grandma bought a birthday card that said, Why did the chicken CROSS the road? on the front. Inside, it has a picture of a chicken with tire marks across it, and "because chickens are really, really stupid. The chicken died on the CROSS. HAHA! Little steel trap she has.

The next morning, we dragged the kids out of bed to get ready for church. We went to the early service, so we could get back to get lunch ready. The kids were excited to see the easter bunny stopped by with some goodies.

Unfortunately, it was a rainy, wet day, but we did have a nice lunch with everyone, and a small easter egg hunt on the patio. :) (I will upload pictures from my camera later.)

Friday Fun

Friday, Mom stopped by my office to drop off some Easter goodies for the kids, which they were both thrilled with when I picked them up at the end of the day!

We decided to visit the Easter Bunny and grab dinner, so while we waited for Daddy in the parking lot, we had fun taking silly pictures in the car.

Caroline was SO excited about seeing the Easter Bunny... until we actually got there. She kind of stalled out and did NOT want to get much closer than the gate, but once I told her Bubba would sit in the middle, she played along. I can't believe how photogenic the kids are. It's kind of ridiculous. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Sticker Chart

Caroline has been working on her own sticker chart. She gets a sticker when she stays in her room after bedtime. She doesn't have to go to sleep, but she has to stay in her room. This is challenging for her. I think we started the chart at least a month ago, and she finally got her 10th sticker this week. The first thing she said when she woke up on Monday was, "I stayed in my room!" I let her pick a sticker and put it on the chart, and promised her prize was coming home with Daddy that night. She immediately asked when I picked her up after daycare. Girl has a steel trap. Her reward was her first Barbie doll, and she has been so cute playing with her hair, etc.

Full weekend

This past weekend was a little crazy. We may have overbooked ourselves, but I think we mostly had a good time. :)

It started on Saturday morning. After squeezing in a quick haircut for Walter, we met Mom, Dad, and Dawn at the park for the City of Pittsburg Easter egg hunt. I never really enjoy these things all that much, but I think the kids do, so we keep going. They separate the kids by ages, which is great for the kids, but challenging for the parents. Dad, Dawn and I went with Max, while Mom and Walter went with Caroline. Those things go so quickly, but the kids each got a few eggs (and candy) and were happy.

After lunch, we headed to the skating rink to fulfill our promise to Max. He earned the trip from getting five green stars. This is actually from the week before Spring Break, so we still owe him another trip. The kid is a skating-machine. We did find out that Saturday afternoon is MUCH better than Friday night. The crowd is more our pace, and Caroline and I even went out onto the floor. Caroline had a cute little "walker" to help her, and she figured out how to move and was doing pretty well! I forgot how exhausting and actually kind of painful skating is, but it was really fun!

Right after skating, we had a birthday party to attend. The kids (and grown ups too, honestly) were exhausted, but we powered through. Max had a little bit of a melt-down at the beginning, but we got him through, and both kids had fun at the party.

We ended the evening with a movie, I think. Caroline crashed pretty early, and Max went to bed right on time with no fight.

Sunday, after church we had a church spaghetti lunch fundraiser, and then Mom and Dad surprised the kids with a trip to the movies. They were so surprised and had the best time. Caroline crashed on the couch shortly after, while Max and Daddy were at Awana.

"Good" Friday

Good Friday is actually this week, but last Friday was pretty freaking awesome.

It actually began on Thursday night, when I got a text from my friend Susan that her baby was coming! A few hours later, I was sleeping, and got the text that he was here. I drifted back to sleep after a quick congratulatory text back, and when I woke up, I remembered the exciting news. I couldn't stop smiling, and to be honest, I choked up a few times too. I took an early lunch to visit new baby Boone and his parents. I'm such a sap, and totally cried when I picked him up, but this little guy is such a miracle, and I'm just so happy for my friends. I got to snuggle this preciousness for a whole hour. Perfection.

Back at work, I received a text message from Max's teacher, telling me that he got 5 green stars this week, and how proud she was that he was working so hard on his behavior. (This was his second week in a row of all green stars, following our rough week of 4 yellow stars and 1 red. I was a little worried that he would slip back, since we just came back from Spring Break.) I was so touched by her positive feedback, and SO SO SO proud of my guy. A short while later, his principal called me to tell me how proud she was. I was floored! We had a recent conversation about his behavior after the rough week, and it was so nice to hear positive feedback once in awhile. I'm still touched that both of these women reached out to me, and I have been bursting with pride for Max. He was so excited that he earned a trip to the skating rink. I just can't even convey how amazing he is.

I was on my high of happiness, and I decided to stop by the Champions Plaza on my way from work. The family purchased a paver in honor of Grandpa Dave, and while the dedication was a couple weeks ago, Grandpa's was one of the few that didn't get done in time due to the bad weather. (Of course.) I decided to check if it was done, and it was! I snapped some pictures and enjoyed the weather for a minute.

When I picked up Max, I had fun praising him for his hard work. He was a little embarrassed, but obviously enjoying the attention. I could tell that he was really proud of himself too. We stopped for celebratory-slushies on the way home. At home, I emptied his backpack like usual, and found his spring pictures, which turned out way cuter than I was expecting, considering I had forgot it was picture day and let Walter dress him in sweats. He also had his 3rd quarter progress report, where he got all "S's" - I am SOOO proud of this kid! He's doing so awesome in school, and I really hope he continues to like and excel in school.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


We had a full weekend!

Saturday, my sister was borrowing the house for a Jamberry party, so the kids had fun playing together, and us girls had fun doing our nails.

For dinner, we all met up for chicken, where Caroline couldn't hang. The day just exhausted her.

Sunday morning, at Sunday School, Max's teacher brought several baby chicks, and he loved showing me how he gently held them.

After church, we met up for some more chicken to celebrate Raymond's birthday. You can never have too much chicken.


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