Monday, February 8, 2016

Busy Saturday

Saturday, for some reason ended up being a busy day!

Because it was the first Saturday of the month, the local Home Depot was hosting it's monthly children's workshop. We haven't been to one in awhile, but I thought the kids would have fun, so off we went! They each built a valentine mailbox, and painted it.

After a trip to Walmart, we had lunch at home, and then decided to go bowling. The kids went earlier in the week (while I had to work late) and I got jealous that they went without me. We bowled a couple of games, and it wasn't quite as fun as I had imagined it would be ;) but I'm glad we went. 

We then stopped by the park near our house to play.  Max and I also finished his Minecraft Valentine box for school. I think it turned out pretty good!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Anniversary Weekend

Our anniversary fell on a Tuesday this week, so we celebrated the weekend before. Mom and Dad kept the kids (who had the best time playing on the four-wheeler, riding in the samurai, and playing outside in the amazing weather we were having). Walter and I didn't really have much of a plan, but we started the day by heading to Joplin to run around and so some shopping. We ate lunch at this awesome Philly cheesesteak place, On the Roll, which we will definitely go again!

We headed back to Pittsburg and hit several stores to do a bit of furniture shopping - so romantic! LOL

We had planned for dinner at Jim's, but we didn't want to go home and just sit around doing nothing. so we decided to bowl a couple of games. On our way out, Walter reminded me that I haven't played in a long time, so to not be surprised if I wasn't awesome. I laughed and laughed when I beat him the first game. :)

Dinner at Jim's was great, as always. We sat next to a couple of mothers/daughters who were having way too much fun. We had fun talking to them.

Our actual anniversary, Walter sent me some beautiful flowers at work. It was a nice surprise!

I always love pulling out our wedding album on our anniversary. I think I have all the photos memorized, but I love it anyway. I can't believe it's been 8 years!!! Time really does go by so fast.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January in Instagram

I finally got a chance to read a book for pleasure over Christmas break!

Impromptu skate trip! The kids love it!

I could use some stress relief right about now... a brand new jar! :(

Well, the break was nice, but I'm back at it!

My motherhood game is not as strong while I wear my student hat.

Big gymnastics!


Fun memories

My girl was sick. :(

Fun with a new photo app

Two grumpy girls.

Both my kiddos got some big bumps and bruises!

My boys!!

Friday, January 29, 2016

God Bless America

So our little town has had some drama recently, which, I know, what town hasn't? But this particular story has spun into a national story, and was even featured on Fox News among other national media outlets!

So, to back up, apparently our post office has had a banner on the side that said "God Bless America" - I never really noticed it one way or the other. However, someone was offended (insert eye roll) and they contacted a national group to come in and demand the sign to be removed. Anyway, the sign came down, but the most awesome thing happened next - Jake's Fireworks, a local business, posted a comment that they were having yard signs and banners printed over night, and that they wanted people to come pick them up the next day, for free, to display in our yards. Kim and I drove over on our lunch break and were shocked to see the line many blocks long! The line moved fairly quickly, and we managed to get a couple of signs. Apparently they gave away 1500 signs in 45 minutes! They had to reorder!

The best part has been seeing the signs throughout town. These jerks from out of town got their way - the one sign came down, but thousands have now gone up. I love it! It actually came at a really great time - the town has been divided over a recent bond issue, that turned kind of nasty, so we really needed something to bring us together.

Monday, January 18, 2016


I have been dreaming of going to IKEA for many years now. Until recently, the closest stores were Chicago or Dallas, so when I heard Kansas City was getting one a couple years ago, I promptly freaked out! It opened several months ago, but I convinced Walter that was a perfect way to spend our day off (Martin Luther King Day). We drove up, and spent a glorious couple of hours walking through the massive place - specifically looking for the necessary items to start Max's homework station. We found what we needed (and a few more) and the kids were actually really excited to be there, too, which surprised me. I'm already planning my next trip, which will probably not include my kids or husband, for that matter. ;)

New homework station! Not done, but a good start!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Big Gymnastics

Caroline's last session of gymnastics in early December, we were notified that she was moving up, not only to the next level, but the advanced class, which we were thrilled about. After the Candy Cane Invitational, gymnastics took a break over the holidays. We finally got to start back again, and this time, Caroline would be going to the big gym! She was a little nervous for her first class, because she wasn't sure what to expect, but luckily she had a friend from daycare in her class, so that helped a lot. The two girls spent most of the class together, hugging after each thing. LOL The class is a full hour (as opposed to the 45 minutes of all her previous classes). Since her class is at 4, I have to leave work early, pick her up and change her into her leotard, drop her off at class, leave to get Max, and then we wait for her in the basketball court outside the gym. I usually watch her class, and Max likes to shoot hoops - he's getting pretty good!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Welcome, 2016

For the second year in a row, we decided to have a little New Year's Eve party for our little family of four. We bought the fun supplies, and even grabbed some bubbly (cider) and fancy (plastic) glasses! 

We watched a couple movies, had hot chocolate in the kids' new sponge bob mugs, and they counted down to midnight with chocolate gold coins every hour until midnight.

We all made it to midnight for the first time ever! Sadly, we missed the actual countdown because we were on the wrong channel (which, why don't they count down for every time zone?!?!), so it was a little anticlimactic. But we are excited to see what 2016 has in store for us!


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