Friday, July 17, 2015

Girls' Night Out

I got to do another fun paint class last weekend. It was a private party for my friend/coworker Kim's birthday. This class was at RSVPaint in Joplin, and we had such a fun time! All the pics were stolen from the RSVPaint Facebook page. As usual, I stressed way too much about it, but I was satisfied (mostly) with my final picture. Kim got to pick the painting, and we gave her a hard time for picking one with PEOPLE in it. They were tricky!

My final painting!!

Ridin' Dirty

Thanks to my friend Kimberli ( for snagging these awesome shots of the kids are the mutton bustin!!

Monday, July 13, 2015

3rd & 4th in Hepler (picture heavy)

As usual, we spent the 3rd and 4th of July in Hepler with my family. It fell just right this year (Friday and Saturday) so that we didn't have to take any extra time off work.

Friday, the 3rd, we drove to Hepler around lunchtime, and the kids could not wait to set off the fireworks we purchased the day before. We bought mostly daytime stuff - lots of parachutes, snappers, etc. The kids had a lot of fun chasing down the parachutes.

After awhile, Max played catch with Walter and Jason, while Caroline and Brazos played with Bryor through the fence.

It rained a lot that afternoon, so the rodeo grounds were super muddy. Both kids wanted to sign up for mutton bustin', and Walter made me take the kids down (usually he goes). I was pretty anxious, especially for Caroline to go. And the mud was just so gross! Mom even fell down in it!

High School BFF's

Max was up first, thanks Mom. I was so nervous, but he did fairly well. He wasn't even that muddy after his fall!

Brazos was second, and Caroline went third. Luckily, Lonnie held onto her, so she didn't make it far, but she stayed clean and safe! LOL

We spent the rest of the rodeo in our usual spot, with all the kids running around. I had fun catching up with my friends, Kim and Lanessa, and Dawn was there for awhile too.

We usually don't stay for the dance, but for some reason we did this year. I think we made it home about 1:30, and we all crashed!

The next morning everyone kind of slowly got around. Walter and our kids did some fireworks, and I took a cat nap because I woke up way too early. Finally, we got around for the parade, and grabbed some patriotic, cousin pics, which seems to have become a tradition. :)

The parade is always fun - I get to sit in the shade, across from my old house, and the kids get to chase down candy.

The afternoon of the fourth, we tried to keep it low-key, but Walter and Jason took the bigger kids (Max, Brazos, and Caroline) to the kids' games. I think they had a good time. They came back to watch a movie and all three crashed pretty hard.

Dustin brought his dog Dixie, and my kids were SMITTEN with her. They would. not. leave her alone. They actually slept with her both nights. Poor dog, but she didn't seem to mind too terribly bad.

On the 4th, Caroline declined to ride a sheep again, and actually Max didn't really want to either, but I felt bad because Grandma Kay and Raymond came to watch them ride, so he let me talk him into it.

Little monkey, Caroline, climbed all over the fence. It was actually nice, because no one really sat with us, so it was really more laid back than usual. Max found a little buddy to play with. Max did the calf scramble, which he seemed to really enjoy more than he has in the past.

We headed home about half-way through the rodeo. We wanted to do some of our night time fireworks, and sparklers, of course. We decided to watch the fireworks from the driveway. Dustin did a great job, as usual, and then we all went to bed early.

We had originally planned to leave early on Sunday morning to make it back for church, but changed our plans because everyone was going to the Lake for breakfast. It was kind of chaotic, but still nice to have everyone in the same place, which surprisingly doesn't happen at all over the weekend, even though we are all there. After breakfast we had to stop at the playground of course, and then it was home, to unwind from the long weekend.


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