Thursday, February 19, 2015

Friday Night Fun

Max got skates for Christmas, and he has been a skating fool since then. He has begged us to go to the skating rink for awhile (we live two blocks away, so it's really tempting), and I told him that when he gets 5 green stars IN A ROW at school, then we would go.

Side bar: Max gets a star every day that reflects his behavior for the day (Green, Yellow, Red). I think I've talked about it before. He usually gets green with 1 or 2 yellows thrown in, so we have been working on our consistency of behaving. He FINALLY got 5 in a row (over two weeks) last week, so we promised him a Friday night trip. They open at 7, so it was hard to keep him waiting. We finally got there and got our skates, and the boy could barely contain his excitement.

Caroline got in on the action too! She was pretty excited, but a MESS on the skates. She was like a poor baby deer. It was really funny.

Walter and Max hit the rink, and I was too scared, so Caroline and I stayed on the carpet. Max was a tiny bit wobbly at first, but I swear, after one lap, he was whizzing past. It was kind of amazing. I thought it would be a lot more difficult for him to adjust to the slick floor.

Caroline and I watched the boys for a bit, and then "skated" a few trips down the sides. But there were way too many (pre-teens) other skaters, so we finally found a spot to park it, and Caroline "skated" around the bench, while I watched.

Another mom sat next to me, and Caroline was keeping us both cracking up with her sweet dance moves. She was really feeling the beats, and I was dying. It was too funny. Meanwhile Max kept whizzing by, with Daddy trying to keep up. He kept asking me to switch, but I knew I would fall in an instant.

Caroline kept standing on her brakes to peek over the wall which I thought was really cute.

We finally decided that we were ready to go (all of us but Max). It was fun, but we probably won't go on a Friday night again. I think Saturday afternoon is more our style. There were way too many unsupervised kids and teens for me to enjoy myself. ;) Max has been asking daily when we can go again. He is in love!

Lost tooth

We had kind of a major milestone this week. Max lost his first tooth!

He has had some wigglers for awhile, but in the last couple of days, Max was complaining that his tooth hurt him badly. I think it started Monday night - Walter was brushing the kids' teeth, and Max came out crying, saying that Daddy had hit his tooth and made it bleed. Tuesday morning, it looked really loose, and I just knew that he would lose it at school! He really wanted to, because you get to go to the nurse and get a necklace to put it in. :)  I picked him up from school, and he told me that his tooth had bled, and it hurt too bad to  eat lunch. He only got one bite of his corn dog, which is his favorite lunch, so you know it was bad.

When we got home, both kids had a sucker that I brought home, and suddenly Max was crying because he had hit his tooth with the sucker and it was bleeding all over the place. I grabbed a napkin for him, and it was super blood. I saw the tooth was almost sideways, so I told him that I could just pull it out. He kind of panicked and refused, so I convinced him that he could pull it out himself. Just put the napkin around it, and pull. I knew it wouldn't take much, and he then he did it! There was a lot of blood, and that traumatized him, but eventually it stopped bleeding, and he was pretty happy when we checked out his new gap in the bathroom mirror. He was SO excited to put it under his pillow. The tooth fairy came that night and left him a gold dollar.

Wednesday, Max was excited to show his teacher and friends at school. He did come home telling me how Wyatt got 12 dollars (from 7 teeth) so maybe the coins have different amounts on them... His suspicions were confirmed when he came home to inspect his, and it did, indeed, have the $1 on it.

After all this, I was surprised to realize that his "loose" teeth from earlier that I had been watching were on top, so this bottom guy was the surprise winner for falling out first. The other bottom front AND the top two front are all loose, so Max might be sporting a pretty nice size gap fairly soon. :D

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Parent Teacher Conferences

We had our second parent-teacher conference last week with Max's teacher.

We first went over his testing - he has improved in all the areas that he tested in last time, and scored average and above average in every category (mommy-brag: there were more above-averages than not). He is doing excellent in reading, but even better in math. He is using advanced reader books, that used to be the first grade books, and is doing more advanced math.

As proud of him as I am for doing so well academically, my heart soared when Miss Clarkson told me about how much of a helper he is to some other students. She gave a couple examples of instances - helping the boy at his table when he was struggling to read - helping him sound out words instead of blurting it out. And she told us that there is another boy in class who "likes structure" and keeps to his exact schedule every day. This boy has really likes Max, and they usually sit together at lunch because they both bring them. On days that Max eats school lunch, this boy gets sad, so Max makes a point to get out of line to sit with his little buddy.

It absolutely makes me melt when I hear that he is being a good person.

The book fair was going on while we were there, so we let Max (and Caroline) pick out a book as a reward.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Roller Coaster

Yesterday was an interesting day.

It started out innocently enough. I was dropping  Max off at school and letting him know that I would not be able to go to his Valentine's party. (After missing his Christmas party, which I didn't think was a huge deal, when I picked him up, he told me he kept looking at the door, thinking I would come in. He said, "I kept thinking, 'I hope she doesn't miss it.' and then you did." Well it broke my heart.) I warned him that I would not be there, and he seemed cool. After talking to my awesome boss, she convinced me that it would be okay, so it was fun to surprise Max at his party.

After school, we ran to the court house to finally get my PSU license plate. I've been carrying the form for a year. I was really excited, and then as we were leaving, my phone rang - it was daycare. They thought Caroline had pink eye. *sigh*

When I picked her up, I was shocked. Her eye was so swollen and she just looked miserable. Both kids have had pink eye before but it never looked like that, so I was worried it was something else. After seeing a NP, pink eye was confirmed and we headed to dreaded Walmart for eye drops.

Of course you have to wait forever at the pharmacy, so instead of wandering around, I just decided to sit on the bench, with Caroline in the cart and wait. We had been there awhile, and then all of a sudden, this older woman on a scooter car whips around the corner and crashes into our cart! I kind of yelled out in surprise, and Caroline kind of welled up. The lady never did apologize, just said, "Oh I didn't see you! She's fine. She's find. I didn't get her." I was so angry, I couldn't even look at her. I just focused on Caroline.  She began crying so I comforted her. I don't think she got hit, I think it just scared her really bad. At the same time, a former student of mine walked by, so we were talking a little bit. Several managers came over and asking about if we called about an accident. I said, we were hit by that lady, but we didn't call. It was strange. The worst part was the lady proceeded to sit across from us and chat like we were all good friends. I couldn't get out of there fast enough! I was never rude to her, but I just couldn't pretend to be nice.

I was so exhausted, but I had class. It was a loooong day. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

7th Anniversary

Walter and I celebrated our (lucky) seventh anniversary. To be honest, I can understand the "seven year itch" especially when you have children, because it just gets hard to stay connected. I'm so blessed with a partner who puts up with me - I know I'm not the easiest person to be married to. We were supposed to have a weekend date night the Saturday before our anniversary (which was a Monday), but I got sick the week before, so Mom and Dad did not want to risk catching the flu, so we had them. We had a family date at Rib Crib. So romantic. ;) It was fine, and I was too tired to do much else.

On Monday, I received these pretty flowers and necklace from Walter. I had to laugh because over the weekend, Walter took the kids out on some errands. When they got back, I was letting Caroline in the sliding glass door, and as soon as I opened it, Caroline walked in, saying, "we got you a necklace!" LOL I remember Max spoiling a surprise gift for me one other time. It actually gave me the giggles, so I had to spill to Walter.

I gave Walter a few little gifts that I thought he might like, including a penny key chain, with the year (2008) circled with a heart. I like to try to go with the traditional anniversary gift list, and 7 years is copper. Kind of tricky. ;)

Mom and Dad took the kids the following weekend, so we spent the day in Joplin grabbing lunch and doing lots of shopping. We had popcorn for dinner and caught a movie, which NEVER happens anymore, so it was fun.

I can't believe it's been 7 years. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday, but then other times it feels like forever. I guess that's how it will always be.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A little update on all of us.

After the craziness of the holidays, I find myself not posting as much. School has begun again, so we are all getting busier every day.I haven't made the time to write, and then it feels like there's too much to catch up on. I'll try to hit some highlights.

Max is on the down hill slope of Kindergarten. He just celebrated his 100th day of school. It's crazy. He's going to start soccer in a couple months, and then baseball after that. He's very excited to get back to a sport. (He declined basketball for some reason). The very big news is that Max now has TWO loose teeth - the two front ones on top. He's been telling me for months that he has a loose tooth, so I didn't quite believe him when he told me on Sunday that one was wiggly. I made him let me wiggle it, and sure enough it is! A few minutes later, he said the other one was too. I confirmed that one as well. I might be more excited than he is! There's also a weird feeling of sadness. He is such a good kid, and so grown up. He's kind of amazing.

Caroline is back to gymnastics. Our session started the week of January 12th. Our second class session, the teacher pulled me aside and told me she was ready to move to the next class. That was very exciting, and I'm just really proud of her. She really loves it.She also has two buddies in her class, so I think that's especially fun for her. She is such a stinker, but so sweet and loving, too. My little sour patch kid.

Work is busy for me - students are back, and we have a few big events happening now and it's just crazy. I was sick for most of last week, so that wasn't fun, and I'm very behind. I'm currently enrolled in a difficult class, but I just keep plugging along. One of these days I might actually graduate.

Walter is working, working, working away, as usual. He's done a good job taking care of me while I have been sick, and he's really stepping in with more than his fair share of kid duties, while I work on class, or just need a break. I'm lucky to have him.

Well, I think that's most of it. I need to go through my phone and camera and get pictures posted, and then I can write about a few more things. I kind of feel like I just wrote a Christmas letter. :)

Saturday, January 31, 2015

January in Instagram

The Busch family celebrated the new year with a family nerf gun war! So fun

"I'm Puss-in-Boots!"

I couldn't bear to toss this gorgeous card, so I turned it into Christmas decorations.

We celebrated Eleanor's birthday with a gymnastics party!

Funny frog-footed kiddos.

A rare nap on Mommy.

Max got his first Valentine from a girl at school.

Silly girls.

Family game night.

Nothing better than chocolate cupcakes! Celebrating Jake and Brazos' birthdays.


100 beads for 100 days of school

So silly.

The girl loves salad above all else. I don't get it.

Root beer floats!


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