Monday, September 28, 2015

Lazy(ish) Weekend

This weekend was pretty low-key, or as much as it can be for us. It's probably the last one for awhile, so we tried to enjoy it.

Saturday, we had an early soccer game, so I begged Walter to drive through Starbucks on our way. The kids talked Daddy into a cake pop.

Max did pretty well. His team is so small, that they don't get very many breaks. The coach has two teams, and her other team played at 10, and were short players. She asked if Max could play again, so he did. Kid was WORE OUT, but I think he had fun. One of these days I will write about our soccer drama.

The rest of the day, we cleaned, and hung out around the house. We had almost all home-made meals this weekend, which is kind of rare for us. Saturday night, the kids pooled their money to buy a new game, so we had a kind-of game night. I'm excited for them to get a little older so we can play some of my favorite games. 

Sunday morning was church, of course. I worked in the nursery, and then Walter had to count money afterwards, so we went home to fix lunch while we waited. It just felt kind of disjointed, but it was fine. In the afternoon, Max's school PTO hosted a Fall Carnival, which the kids had fun at. They tried every game, I think, and Max even won some brownies at the cake walk. It ended up being kind of hot! The cotton candy was a hit.

Sunday morning, Max told me his back tooth was loose, which surprised me. I didn't think that kids lost their molars (it was actually a 1st molar, not 2nd, but still) this early, but when I felt it, it was indeed loose. That thing bugged him ALL day - he was obsessed with it. After the carnival, he decided to pull it out, and then he just did! It went from loose to out in one day! Some of his other teeth have wiggled for weeks. At least we have a dentist appointment tomorrow, so I will check in on that, but it appears healthy, so who knows...?

Last night was the supermoon (full moon, at it's closest to the earth, so it appears larger than usual) and it was also a lunar eclipse (the moon, sun and earth are aligned, so you can see the earth's shadow going across the moon, I think), and it's also called a blood moon, for some reason. Anyway, it's a really big deal, and it doesn't happen that often, so I really wanted to watch it, and I thought the kids should see it too. At first we drove around to find a good spot, but finally settled on our own yard. The kids were being hyper (even though I was trying to be nice and let them stay up), but it just wasn't working. Why is it that as parents, we have these great ideas for making memories, and it just never happens like you want it to. At least we tried, and it really was pretty cool to watch! I wish I had an awesome camera!

Caroline - 4 years old

I look at this picture of Caroline in the hospital, brand new, and I can remember that time, clear as day. Not every minute or moment, but in general. It feels like it just happened, and now suddenly, she's four. And I'm not sure how it happened.

At the same time, I can barely remember a time before she was here. It's strange - I have a lot of memories of our family when it was the three of us - but the memory is more like, she was in the next room, or something, not that she didn't exist. That's so strange to me. My TimeHop comes up every day, and shares pictures or statuses that you posted this same day of every year. For today (September 9) 4 years ago, it brought up a picture of Caroline with all these wires attached. That scary morning when she stopped breathing, and we found out she had pneumonia. And right before that, 5 years ago, was a picture I posted of Max, not even pregnant yet, and I had zero clue that this day would become so significant, only one year later. I guess that's how time works. Deep, huh? Yes, that's what becoming a parent does to a person. You think about things in a completely different way. And you hear this, but until you experience it, you can never really understand or appreciate it.

Anyway, long story short, time is a funny thing, and my sweet girl is four. Three was rough for Max, and it was rough for Caroline too. It's a hard year. Four got really good with Max, and I expect it to be really good for sis. Caroline is definitely her own person. I love that about her so much, but it can be a struggle. I remember how stubborn Max was (and is) and I never would have guessed that he would be the easier of the two. She's so headstrong, and so silly, and so sweet. She gets away with a lot because she's cute. She's a performer and sometimes she acts shy, but she loves attention.

Caroline is still super girly and just as much of a tomboy too. Her favorite color is pink. She loves Frozen more than anything else (still). She really into coloring and drawing right now. She still loves to dance.

We had a doctor check up on the 10th. Caroline is 42 inches (90th percentile!!!) and 35 1/2 pounds (50th percentile). Who knew she would be tall?? That kind of came out of nowhere. The doctor was happy with her progression. We talked about how she STILL doesn't sleep, but she agreed with me, that maybe she just doesn't need as much sleep. *sigh* Caroline then had to get two shots, which she was NOT happy about. I tried to prepare her to calm her down, but it only backfired and got her worked up about it. She instantly cried when the nurse came back in carrying them. :( Max hid under the table. HA! Poor girl. The nurse felt so bad, because she had been so good, so she gave her a book and two stickers.

Caroline's aunts posted these pics for her birthday. I just thought they were awesome. :)



Saturday, we had Max's soccer game, and then we headed to Tulsa. Caroline had stayed with Aunt Bonnie, and they were going to Suzanne and Olivia's cheerleading competition. We decided to go, too, since we would have to get Caroline. Audra and I went to the competition, while the boys stayed home to watch football. Nowata placed 1st in their division, which meant they would get to go to state the following weekend. That night, Ayden offered to babysit, while the adult siblings went out to dinner. Sunday, we have a family lunch, and then we had to run home to make it in time for Awana. It was a great weekend!

Walter's birthday

Walter turned 34 this year, and I thought it was so funny that our mortgage company wished him a happy birthday when I logged on to pay the bill. LOL

We celebrated Daddy's birthday on Thursday night, so Caroline wouldn't miss it. She was staying with Aunt Bonnie and Suzie on Friday night. We gave Daddy his cards and present, a painting of a Gorilla, done by a cousin of mine, for his new office.

Big Girl

The Sunday after Caroline's birthday, she officially graduated out of the nursery. She went to the preschool Sunday School class with Miss Kathy. Then she got to come into big church with us, and go to Children's Church with Bubba. The day I've been dreading! I'm only half-joking. I think she had a fun day, but she's quickly learning how different it is than just playing in the nursery.

That same night was the start of Awana. This year Caroline is in the Cubbies, and the first night was Parent's Night, so we got to go to class with them to see what it's all about. Caroline got to hold the flag for the Pledge of Allegience. They did an activity, and a puppet show story, and a game.


For the third year in a row, in what has become somewhat of a tradition, we have followed Caroline's birthday with Pitt State football game! This year, Caroline was (just barely) old enough for the Pitt Crew!

Walter's family and our group all drove over together, and parked by my building. We headed over to Gorilla Village to meet up with my parents and find some dinner.

We ended up meeting at the Champions Plaza and it was obviously the perfect spot for some photo opps.

Next, we needed food! We found a bbq tent. (I didn't love it, but it was okay). While we were eating, we missed the players do the walk into the stadium. :( The band moved over and did a few songs, so we made our way over to watch them. We even found Gus.

After the band was done, we went into the stadium to find out seats, which were awesome, 1st and 2nd rows, (and pick out snacks). Walter walked the kids over to the Pitt Crew drop off. Eventually he and Caroline came back over, and Walter was not happy. Apparently, Caroline is scared to death of Gus, and she saw him walking nearby, freaked out and REFUSED to go with the Pitt Crew. It was crazy. She actually freaked out every time she got a glimpse of him (and every time we scored and they showed the roaring gorilla on the JungleTron, which was a lot). At one point, she was on my lap, and there was a camera man standing in front of us pointed at Caroline. Her cuteness was going to be on the big screen! Then, in a bad timing incident, Gus walked behind the camera man, and Caroline FLIPPED OUT. Luckily, she didn't have her melt down on screen, but eventually the camera guy moved. Darn it.

Ayden and I did get onto the big screen later on in the game. We had tons of fun taking LOTS of pictures, and cheering on the Gorillas to a huge victory. Can't wait to do it again!



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