Sunday, April 13, 2014

Family Fun

For some reason, Walter promised Max that we would go mini-golfing on Saturday, so after the Easter Bunny, we headed that way.

Walter and I attempted to keep score for ourselves. I'm pretty sure I beat him. ;) Max did pretty well, if not a little cheating. But not too much. And Caroline, well, she's two, so lots of cheating!  LOL

And this gem of a series brought to you by Max. I requested a simple photo of a picture of my kids and the gorilla. Max took the opportunity to do some... whatever that is... in this hilarious series. (Click the pictures to make them bigger.)

We wrapped up our fun day with dinner at Chicken Mary's.

Meeting the Easter Bunny

Saturday afternoon, we took the kids to see the Easter Bunny. Caroline could not stop talking about him, but I wondered how she would really react. Of course he was on break when we got to the mall. This happens to us EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR. We only had to wait about twenty minutes. When he came out, Caroline kind of ran to me, and then when we were in line, her grip on me got tighter and tighter. When it was our turn for pictures, Max sat right by the bunny, and he just giggled and giggled that Caroline was so nervous. She REFUSED to sit next to him, even if I stood right beside her. Finally, we convinced her to sit next to Max, and she reluctantly agreed. She bravely tried to smile, I mean, it really was so forced, but she really really was trying her hardest, and I thought that was so precious. I was also really surprised that the pictures turned out so cute. The photographer must have snapped at just the right moment. As we waited for our pictures to print, she happily waved at the bunny, which is just like her. Pretending that she loves him so much, after nearly ripping my skin off to get away from him. Max said, "When I'm by the Easter Bunny, I just want to hug him because he is so soft."

Celebrating Easter with our Church Family

Saturday, our church hosted an Easter egg hunt for the children. I was asked to help plan and run the event, and while it was a little stressful, it was fun, and it turned out pretty great.

I was in charge of the games - I came up with 1) Guess how many jelly beans in the jar (292, by the way); 2) Egg/Spoon races; and 3) my pride and joy, Easter Bunny Bean Bag toss. I sewed these carrot bean bags and hand drew the bunny. Pretty proud of myself, because I am so NOT artistic.

After a lot of worrying about the weather, we woke up to a beautiful day! There was a pretty great turn out and the kids LOVES playing on the conveniently located park equipment. :)

This kids listened to an interactive story about the meaning of Easter. They got to take turns opening eggs with symbols from the story.

Right after Max and Caroline opened their eggs, they were getting back onto their bench seats, and Caroline feel backwards through the hole. She landed with a sick thud, and I was too far to stop it. She started screaming, and I calmed her down. Thankfully, she didn't hit her head like we all thought, but she did scrape her hand and that's what was bothering her the most.

We decided to do the egg hunts one group at a time, instead of simultaneously, because most families had kids in more than one group. Up first was the little ones, Caroline's age group. Caroline didn't really do as well as I expected, she kept wanting to watch everyone else, but she was happy to find candy on the ground!

Next up was Max's age group, which only ended up with four kids, so those boys SCORED. Max found a prize ticket in one egg, which earned him a chocolate bunny (my fourth "game").

After the oldest kids hunted their eggs, the men-folk fired up the grill and got to work on lunch (hot dogs), and the kids played on the playground and meandered through the various games we had.

It was a really fun day with some of our favorite people. We are so blessed to have found such a great church home. I love raising my children in the church, around other like-minded families. I could not be happier!

Wild Friday Nights

Friday night, Max had the brilliant idea of putting on a puppet show, so the kids took turns performing for each other, and then joined forces to entertain Daddy. Their "scripts" were hilarious. Max would try to engage Caroline in conversation, and she would just say whatever random word (or sound) that popped into her little head.

This little stinker has only fallen asleep before 10:00 pm a handful of times since moving into the new house. (And bedtime is 8:00!) This night, she eventually passed out on her floor. *sigh* She is my little night owl.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Max started soccer this week! We have been very excited for this day! We received his paperwork last week - his team is the Carolina Blue Rapids. Walter had training for most of the week in Norman, OK, so he had to miss Max's first game. :( BUT, Walter's parents drove up to watch, so that was extra fun!

We were one of the first to arrive, and most people came so late, I was starting to worry that I missed some memo, or had the wrong day. But eventually everyone showed up, and shirts were handed out. Of course they are huge on the kids, and Max insisted the front of his shirt be tucked in.

Just like last year, the teams "warm up" with drills for the first half of the time. They practiced kicking into the goal and passing. Last year, our coach actually played soccer, so he was really great. Our coach this year is just a mom, which she is great, but it's just not the same. There was a lot of confusion.

Caroline was pretty restless and cranky (she actually turned out to be sick the next day, so I'm guessing she didn't feel very well) and was pretty clingy.
It was finally time to "play." The kids play 5 on 5, so they rotate in and out. Max actually played for quite a bit of time, so that was great for us. He started out a little timid, but, like last year, he warmed up quickly and did very well. He scored the first goal of the game (I got it on video!) and scored 4 or 5 goals total. He even passed once to his teammate - he told me at half time "Mom! I scored three goals! And I passed one to him so he could score one too!" I just thought that was the sweetest thing ever! At one point he was running with the ball, and he would have scored, but one of the green team members shoved him hard and Max went flying. There was literally a collective gasp from the stands. Max was awesome and just rolled and jumped up and was back in the game. The little jerk kid did come over and apologize before the start of the next round, so it was fine. Max and another kid on his team were the all stars. The other boy is a little faster, but Max is more accurate. They did a great job. I'm so proud of him!

After the game, the Grandma and Grandpa treated us to dinner and ice cream. It was a great night!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Easter Egg Hunt #1

Saturday, the city of Pittsburg hosted it's annual Easter Egg Hunt. I don't know why we keep going, because it's generally more of a pain than it's worth, but the kids seem to like it, so we go. :)

Taking the obligatory "before" pictures with their baskets.

Of course we got there early. Max and Caroline were at different fields for their different age groups, so that was kind of a bummer that we had to split up. Caroline was one of the older ones in her group, and it is so torturous for those little ones to see all those eggs and not be able to grab them for 20 minutes! Caroline did pretty good. She just kept saying, "There is a LOT of eggs!"

The Easter Bunny was there, and Caroline was pretty concerned about that. She had to know exactly where he was a tall times. He eventually came to our field, and her grip on me got tighter and tighter as he got closer to us. He came to us, and she refused to look at us. Eventually, as we were leaving, we passed him again and she just waved and waved and told me, "I love the Easter Bunny!" Ha! Silly girl.

Finally, they yelled "Go!" and Caroline was a little confused, but quickly got the hang of the egg hunting business. She just was so cute, picking up eggs and passing others. We were not too crowded for the most part, so that was great. She got about 16-20 eggs, I would guess. She had fun opening them up to find candy.

After we turned in our eggs, we met up with Daddy and Max. I noticed that Max had a "prize" basket. He's pretty lucky like that! But apparently, his luck wasn't that great. There was some kind of mistake, because he had about 10 or 12 prize eggs, but they only gave him one prize (apparently their field ran out of prizes, so some kids didn't even get one). He had almost no candy because all his eggs had prize tickets. And of course Walter ignored my request to take pictures with his phone. Men!


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